Partially Accessible

Business/facility is accessible or partially accessible to persons with varied levels of disability including difficulty with mobility, reflexes, and strength.

Partially Accessible Check List
For a property to be considered partially accessible it must meet the following criteria:


  • Minimum 1 designated parking space per 100 or adjacent legal street
  • Space must measure a min of 3.9 m wide x 3.9 m long (12’9.5″x12′.9.5″)
  • Firm/stable/slip resistant surface
  • Space must be clearly marked with an upright or pavement sign

Main Entrance & Doorways

  • Path of travel to entrance must be barrier free and a minimum of .92 m (3′) wide
  • Level entrance, or threshold no more than 13 mm (.5″) beveled height
  • Lever/push/pull door handles that can be operated using one hand without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist
  • Door requires minimal force to open; 3.6 kg (8lbs) or less

If stairs are present:

  • Must be uniform, with closed risers
  • Handrail are at height between 800 mm (2’7.5″) and 970 (3’2.2″) mm

If ramp is present:

  • Minimum of 920 mm (3′.02″) wide
  • Must not have more than an 8% grade (300 mm rise to 3.6 m run)
  • Handrails must be provided at a minimum height of 800 mm to a maximum of 970 mm (2’7.5″ – 3’2″)


  • Barrier free path of travel must continue throughout including restrictions regarding thresholds and doorways
  • Firm/stable/slip resistant surface throughout
  • Clear, easy to read signage


  • External and stall door must not require greater than 3.6 kg (8lbs) of force to open
  • Pull handle on both inside and outside of stall door
  • Grab bar of a minimum length of 600 mm (1’11″) mounted horizontally beside toilet and 815 mm (2’8″) to 865 mm (2’10″) from floor
  • Controls for taps can be operated using one hand and do not require a firm grasp, pinching or twisting of the wrist


  • Hazard warnings are present where necessary
  • Staff available upon request